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The Artist is IN! Inside the SketchOMatic at The Cornerhouse, Manchester

In Community Arts, Gallery/Museum Projects on 20/10/2012 at 18:51

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It is often the case that artists have to have many strings to their bows in order to make a living and I’m no exception. I often surprise myself with the variety of  projects I find myself working on, but today I took on a role that was decidedly different even for me: I  spent a hour as half artist/half machine as the moving parts of The Cornerhouse’s ‘SketchOMatic’ portraiture booth! What a  brilliant idea and loads of fun.

I sat behind a two-way mirror in a wee cubbie-hole while the customers experience was of a cartoonified passport photo-booth, even down to the presentation of the portraits via a drop-in slot! A hugely inventive and creative attraction which drew in the crowds and had the public queuing up to get their ‘SketchOMatic’  portraits. As in many aspects of life, the joy is in the detail, and with that in mind I have to congratulate The Cornerhouse for the quality of their engineering!

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