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Fresh Made Trade Hits The Shops!

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Remember Fresh Made Trade? When I worked with The Whitworth Gallery and pupils from Manchester Academy on a business enterprise project to design and create broaches and rings made from clay dug from the foundations of the gallery as it was being renovated? Well the new Whitworth Gallery has reopened to packed galleries and rave reviews and in pride of place in the center of the beautiful new shop, alongside gorgeous artworks and choice designer objects, are the buttons and jewelry created by local kids from the school across the park! Bravo to The Whitworth for taking it’s ‘outreaching to the community’ ethos into everything it does, even into the contents of it’s shop!


The Art of Identity Project at Manchester Museum

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The Art of Identity project at Manchester Museum saw Droylsden Academy students visiting  Manchester Museum and, moving in groups from activity to activity, the year group undertook a series of exciting ways to explore their own identities by engaging with pieces from the collections, in particular the encaustic (painted in pigments suspended in wax) mummy portraits that drew from both ancient Egyptian and Roman artistic traditions and culture. They were a great way to think about our own identities in a cosmopolitan and richly diverse city such as Manchester.

My activity, building a sculpture of a sarcophagus, developed throughout the day with each group adding to it. Some helped with the build while others concentrated on decorating the model with cartouches that spelled out their names in phonetic hieroglyphs.

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The project continued with sessions at the schools where the students used encaustic techniques to create layered collages that explored their identities and family histories, layering through previous generations back in time like the historical strata that archaeologists might dig through . Here is my demonstration piece!


These tiles and the model sarcophagus were then exhibited in the Manchester Museum throughout the very busy summer holidays. They were seen by thousands!



Fresh Made Trade

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Remember ‘Digging for On Site Art Materials and Processing Whitworth Art Gallery Clay ‘ ?

‘Fresh Made Trade’ was a project that saw pupils from Manchester Academy experience developing a unique series of products to be sold in the Whitworth Art Gallery shop when it reopens after it’s refurbishment. The young people undertook market research,  retailer liaison, and investigated marketing strategies, and then, using the very clay that was dug during the ground-works that have been taking place on site, the product development, design and manufacture of beautiful ceramic buttons, badges and coasters. The buttons were inspired by buttons in the Gallery of Costume collections, alongside the natural forms sketched in Whitworth Park and my willow sculpture Genesis Reborn. The finished results were fantastic and without doubt will sell like hotcakes when they go on sale in the new Whitworth Art Gallry shop! And if that wasn’t reward enough, the project will go towards the Academy’s bid to gain Bronze Arts Mark status. Good work folks!

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‘Reflections’ at Blessed Thomas Holford School, Altrincham

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I was recently invited to work with a group of sixth form students from Blessed Thomas Holford School in Altrincham. The theme of the project was ‘Reflection’ and the we approached it by looking at portraiture. The group was a very small and talented cohort of just three students so we had plenty of time to look closely at the background to some of my pieces together with the work some of my favourite portrait painters before embarking on creating our own large scale portraits.

The students played with their own reflections and contemplated what the fragmenting and distorting of a subjects’s reflection might covey when it is translated into a painting.

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The students cropped and digitally manipulated their images before learning how to use the grid technique to scale up their images onto large canvases. The group spent a lot of time and effort into making their paintings and that showed in the finished pieces. The results were really powerful images and successful works of art. They were given the prestige and applause they deserved when the paintings went on to be shown at the Local Creation Gallery in Altrincham.

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It was great fun and a pleasure to work with the staff and students at Blessed Thomas Holford School. Good luck with your ongoing studies and creative futures!

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