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The Launch Event

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2014 Has Been a Busy Year! Read more about it at


The opening of the Look 200 took place across two venues. The launch of the exhibition of paintings took place in the early evening at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.  It was a great success and very well attended with interesting speeches reflecting on the hospital residency and the exhibition by Brian Chapman of Lime Arts, Wendy Gallagher of Manchester Museum, Professor Rob Lucas of Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences (who features in some of the paintings), and Peter Mount, outgoing Chairman of the Hospital Trust who has been a brilliant advocate for the project throughout.

The sister exhibit of objects that relate to the project then opened at Manchester Museum as part of an ‘After Hours’ evening of vision themed activities that I was excited and honoured to curate.


At the museum throughout the evening there were opportunities to participate in fascinating activities exploring vision from interesting angles: experience…

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Painting Taken Into Hospital

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My portrait of Peter Mount CBE, the Chairman of Central Manchester Universities Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been installed in Manchester Royal Infirmary for the world to see! It is a painting that shows Peter standing among the pillars at the entrance to the Children’s Hospital, surveying the new hospital complex that  he has overseen the building of. His glasses contain a reflection of the old hospital buildings. He is a lovely man and was a pleasure to meet and paint.

You can read about Culture Shots, the week long event that saw Manchester’s cultural institutions in residence in the Central Manchester Hospitals, that led to this portrait here.

Chair's Portrait LR[1]

Chair's Portrait in situ LR[1]

Poppy Seed Head

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It’s been a real pleasure to paint one of my favourite things that grow in the garden, a Papaver somniferum seed head. Spending the time to really look at it’s structure and mix it’s colours, both muted and vivid, has made me appreciate it’s beauty even more. I hope you enjoy the results too.

Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 20″, November 2012                 Available For Sale

Hi folks. Lucy Burscough here. I’m an artist based in Manchester, UK. Welcome to my blog.

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I’m starting this blog to post images of my artwork as it progresses, write a little about the arts for health projects I work on and whatever else occurs to me as I go along, no doubt. 

Within my personal practice, I tend to paint portraits, but I’m having a little change of direction with my latest painting. Inspired by the somewhat ramshackle gorgeousness that’s in my garden, I’m really enjoying painting one of the many varieties of poppy-seed heads that do pop out of every nook and cranny. I love these papavers and meconopsis when they’re in flower but I’m always blown away by the beautiful ‘Statue of Liberty’s crown’ structures of the seed heads when the petals drop. No wonder they end up growing everywhere, it’s such a pleasure to give them a shake, see the natural salt cellars at work and disperse the tiny seeds in the process.

Here is the work in progress:

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This one is an Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum).  Please feel free to leave comments and do pop back to see the painting finished.

Thanks for visiting!

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