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Fresh Made Trade Hits The Shops!

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Remember Fresh Made Trade? When I worked with The Whitworth Gallery and pupils from Manchester Academy on a business enterprise project to design and create broaches and rings made from clay dug from the foundations of the gallery as it was being renovated? Well the new Whitworth Gallery has reopened to packed galleries and rave reviews and in pride of place in the center of the beautiful new shop, alongside gorgeous artworks and choice designer objects, are the buttons and jewelry created by local kids from the school across the park! Bravo to The Whitworth for taking it’s ‘outreaching to the community’ ethos into everything it does, even into the contents of it’s shop!


Encaustic Collage Cards at The Gallery of Costume

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This workshop with the lively ‘Link’ community group was delivered as part of the groups on-going relationship with the Gallery of Costume. The session was inspired by the geometric and animal prints that feature in the gallery’s collection. An unusual technique of using beeswax to laminate vividly coloured collages was employed to create greetings cards. Some of the group went home with enough cards to see them through a year of birthdays! The group members were kindly assisted by a number of volunteers, including some students new to Manchester and the UK who used the session as a great opportunity to improve their English language- what a lovely way to swap skills!

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The Art of Identity Project at Manchester Museum

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The Art of Identity project at Manchester Museum saw Droylsden Academy students visiting  Manchester Museum and, moving in groups from activity to activity, the year group undertook a series of exciting ways to explore their own identities by engaging with pieces from the collections, in particular the encaustic (painted in pigments suspended in wax) mummy portraits that drew from both ancient Egyptian and Roman artistic traditions and culture. They were a great way to think about our own identities in a cosmopolitan and richly diverse city such as Manchester.

My activity, building a sculpture of a sarcophagus, developed throughout the day with each group adding to it. Some helped with the build while others concentrated on decorating the model with cartouches that spelled out their names in phonetic hieroglyphs.

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The project continued with sessions at the schools where the students used encaustic techniques to create layered collages that explored their identities and family histories, layering through previous generations back in time like the historical strata that archaeologists might dig through . Here is my demonstration piece!


These tiles and the model sarcophagus were then exhibited in the Manchester Museum throughout the very busy summer holidays. They were seen by thousands!



Close Knit : Funky Fascinators!

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Close Knit continues to meet on the last Saturday of every month at the Gallery of Costume in Rusholme. Please follow the blog at for more information about friendly knitting sessions themed around the gallery’s collection such as this one where the group made gorgeous fascinators!

Close Knit Manchester

A great session on Saturday creating sweet little fascinators for all those weddings we’ll no doubt be attending over the summer! We were really inspired by the fantastic collection of hats and fascinators on display in the Gallery of Costume. We had a great spread of embellishments to add to the knitted/crocheted bases and it was great fun putting them together and showing off the results!

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The Launch Event

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2014 Has Been a Busy Year! Read more about it at


The opening of the Look 200 took place across two venues. The launch of the exhibition of paintings took place in the early evening at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.  It was a great success and very well attended with interesting speeches reflecting on the hospital residency and the exhibition by Brian Chapman of Lime Arts, Wendy Gallagher of Manchester Museum, Professor Rob Lucas of Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences (who features in some of the paintings), and Peter Mount, outgoing Chairman of the Hospital Trust who has been a brilliant advocate for the project throughout.

The sister exhibit of objects that relate to the project then opened at Manchester Museum as part of an ‘After Hours’ evening of vision themed activities that I was excited and honoured to curate.


At the museum throughout the evening there were opportunities to participate in fascinating activities exploring vision from interesting angles: experience…

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Fresh Made Trade

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Remember ‘Digging for On Site Art Materials and Processing Whitworth Art Gallery Clay ‘ ?

‘Fresh Made Trade’ was a project that saw pupils from Manchester Academy experience developing a unique series of products to be sold in the Whitworth Art Gallery shop when it reopens after it’s refurbishment. The young people undertook market research,  retailer liaison, and investigated marketing strategies, and then, using the very clay that was dug during the ground-works that have been taking place on site, the product development, design and manufacture of beautiful ceramic buttons, badges and coasters. The buttons were inspired by buttons in the Gallery of Costume collections, alongside the natural forms sketched in Whitworth Park and my willow sculpture Genesis Reborn. The finished results were fantastic and without doubt will sell like hotcakes when they go on sale in the new Whitworth Art Gallry shop! And if that wasn’t reward enough, the project will go towards the Academy’s bid to gain Bronze Arts Mark status. Good work folks!

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Coral: Something Rich, Strange and Wooly

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I’ve been working recently delivering workshops, building the reef and sewing amazing crochet coral onto Manchester Museum’s Satellite Reef of the Worldwide Crochet Coral Reef. Crochet corals will be added to the reef throughout the Coral:Something Rich and Strange exhibition, through until March. If you want to find out more please visit our Facebook Page.

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Genesis Reborn

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The first weekend in September saw the last few days of the old Whitworth Art Gallery as it prepared to close for an exciting extension and refurbishment phase. Rather than closing the door with a sniffle the gallery went out with a BANG, hosting the Whitworth Weekending  festival on Whitworth Park to celebrate what we do at the gallery and show it off to local residents.

I approached the gallery with a proposal to create a 5 meter tall willow sculpture, a representation of one of the treasures of the Whitworth collection, Jacob Epstein’s ‘Genesis’. They were excited by the idea and so the project went ahead. I worked with a group of volunteers over a few days leading up to the festival and during the weekend itself . We managed to pull together to get Genesis reborn! She was finally assembled and reached her full height on Sunday morning. It was great moment as her body and head were lifted into place onto her thigh section by a brave crew of staff and volunteers.


The sculpture was great to work on, not least because of the great reaction we got for local people as they passed through the park or along the very busy Oxford Rd. And how lovely to return to the sculpture a few weeks after the build and find a bouquet of flowers in her arms.

Genesis Reborn will be taking up residence outside the Embryology department of St Mary’s Hospital in the very near future.

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Digging for On Site Art Materials and Processing Whitworth Art Gallery Clay!

In Gallery/Museum Projects on 12/06/2013 at 20:09

In the heart of Manchester’s university quarter, the Whitworth Art Gallery is in the process of being transformed into a bigger, better and more beautiful cultural space for the 21st Century. It’s a really exciting redevelopment and extension of the city’s much loved institution which will be completed in the summer of 2014. The build is focused on creating an energy efficient, green building and embraces the University’s Green Pledge towards an ethos of embedded sustainability.  You can read all about it and see some behind the scenes photos here.

Of course, when a building is extended a lot of digging has to be done and that results in a happy byproduct: the uncovering of literally tonnes of very low impact, locally sourced, low carbon footprint, super clay! The Whitworth’s Learning and Engagement team have decided to not let this on-site resource go to waste and so plan to develop workshops with myself and a team of young entrepreneurs from Manchester Academy’s ‘Fresh Made Trade’ that use the clay to create products for selling in the gallery shop. What a great idea!

Lucy Burscough, Mark Slator & clay

Me and ISG’s Mark Slator, during a tour of the exciting new build. Mark is holding a lump of the freshly dug unprocessed clay.

The first stage of this project is to process the clay to a point that is is suitable for doing some test firings. As at this stage the amount of clay I’m processing is so small I didn’t use any specialist equipment. I have one of those houses that if you look for long enough, you’ll find what you need!

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Can’t wait for stage two when we’ll get to see what happens when we fire some test pieces!

Printing, Making and Decorating Bags at The Gallery of Costume

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Spring saw me working with a group of older people from Rusholme at the Gallery of Costume to help them make their own unique shopping bags. Continuing on from the block printing workshop I’ve written about previously, in sessions two and three of the project we created digitally printed collages and felt and fabric embellishments for our bags. Here’s a slide show of how it went:

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