Lucy Burscough

About My Work As A Painter

I paint people. They inspire me to put paint to canvas. I am interested them as fellow human beings, in their families, backgrounds, histories, experiences and personalities that shape the figure they are at the moment they sit for me. However, my scrupulous style of painting means that I never loose sight of the fact that I am a painter of incredibly stunning corporeal animals. I love flesh. I love that sometimes as I paint I become conscious of the blood pumping behind the skin effecting it’s abundant range of colours and tones.

By making each painting a minute enquiry into a person’s physical being I believe that I can find unexpected beauty in unlikely places. I have explored emphasising this aspect of my work by painting my subjects in what might otherwise be considered to be unflattering poses: with the flesh squashed and distorted or under paint or mud masks. In this world of images of models airbrushed to monotone ‘perfection’, I hope to raise questions in the mind of the viewer, and indeed in the subject of the painting, about the nature of what we find beautiful about ourselves and others.  



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