Lucy Burscough

Genesis Reborn

In Arts for Health, Community Arts, Gallery/Museum Projects, Outdoor projects on 21/10/2013 at 11:17

The first weekend in September saw the last few days of the old Whitworth Art Gallery as it prepared to close for an exciting extension and refurbishment phase. Rather than closing the door with a sniffle the gallery went out with a BANG, hosting the Whitworth Weekending  festival on Whitworth Park to celebrate what we do at the gallery and show it off to local residents.

I approached the gallery with a proposal to create a 5 meter tall willow sculpture, a representation of one of the treasures of the Whitworth collection, Jacob Epstein’s ‘Genesis’. They were excited by the idea and so the project went ahead. I worked with a group of volunteers over a few days leading up to the festival and during the weekend itself . We managed to pull together to get Genesis reborn! She was finally assembled and reached her full height on Sunday morning. It was great moment as her body and head were lifted into place onto her thigh section by a brave crew of staff and volunteers.


The sculpture was great to work on, not least because of the great reaction we got for local people as they passed through the park or along the very busy Oxford Rd. And how lovely to return to the sculpture a few weeks after the build and find a bouquet of flowers in her arms.

Genesis Reborn will be taking up residence outside the Embryology department of St Mary’s Hospital in the very near future.

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  1. Looks really great Lucy, don’t forget to treat it with a waterproof coating of something you know our climate wet etc, etc, etc,

  2. Spectacular, Luc! So proud of you. I didn’t realize it was so big. It’s a beautiful rendition of the sculpture.

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