Lucy Burscough

Urban Naturalists at Manchester Museum

In Arts for Health, Community Arts, Gallery/Museum Projects on 24/02/2013 at 17:15

Manchester Museum played host to a troupe of twine twisters for yesterday’s Urban Naturalist event, as we had a go at making birdhouses from natural fibers. The session was inspired by the Looping and Linking project and was part of the museum’s programme of events for adults. Rachel Webster, the curator of the herbarium, the museum’s collection of preserved plants, was kind enough to select and display some interesting specimens of plants that can be used for their fibers. My favourite of these is the Legetta Lintearia, an amazing plant that can be pummeled until the bark resembles lace. The museum has beautiful examples of bark fabric on display in the Living Cultures gallery.

The session went well with the group having learnt the the trick to making twine and leaving with the materials they needed to finish off their bird house when they got home. All except Joanne from Stockport who made a mini-house for insects! What a great idea! It will be hung in the Museum’s allotment which will be the focus of the next Urban Naturalists session on 30th March.

Click on an image to move to a full size slideshow.


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