Lucy Burscough

Like Escher, But Meschier

In Arts for Health, Community Arts, Gallery/Museum Projects on 30/01/2013 at 17:52

The Costume Gallery at Platt Hall, Rusholme was the venue for the printing workshop I delivered today.  It was part of the gallery’s adult programme and was for a group of  older and vulnerable adults who live in the locality of the gallery. The workshop was inspired by the tessellating shapes (that is shapes that fit together in patterns with no gaps) that can be seen in the printed fabrics and quilting in the gallery’s collection. We used squares as a starting point and modified them to create our own irregular tessellating shapes. Easier than it sounds! The results were successful and satisfying and it was lots of fun!

Over the next few weeks the groups will use their fabrics and other printing/embellishing techniques to make their own unique shopping bags.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun

  2. […] at the Gallery of Costume to help them make their own unique shopping bags. Continuing on from the block printing workshop I’ve written about previously, in sessions two and three of the project we created digitally […]

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