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Build a Little Bird House…

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I’ve been working on a prototype wren birdhouse today, using the techniques of plant fiber weaving taught to me by artist Joanne Kaar. She learnt the technique when making copies of the woven grass objects made by ‘outsider artist’ Angus McPhee. For the past few months I’ve been working with a group of brilliant older men at Manchester Museum helping them create an artwork inspired by Angus McPhee’s life and work. The artwork will go on display outside the museum 10 Feb-26 May 2013 with opening celebrations 1-4 on Sunday 10th. Why not come along and see what we’ve been up to?

You can read more about the Looping and Linking project here.

I’ll be delivering bird house making workshops alongside the Looping and Linking exhibit at the Manchester Museum on Saturday 23rd Feb as part of their Urban Naturalists programme. The twine making technique is great to know: gardeners, you’ll never have to buy garden twine again! You can read more and sign up here. A further session will be at Whitworth Art Gallery on Saturday 9th March 2-4pm. Contact the gallery here if you are keen to make a lovely birdhouse out of totally natural (and free!) materials.  Wrens are beautiful birds and the best singers to attract to your garden. They deserve a gorgeous house!

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Like Escher, But Meschier

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The Costume Gallery at Platt Hall, Rusholme was the venue for the printing workshop I delivered today.  It was part of the gallery’s adult programme and was for a group of  older and vulnerable adults who live in the locality of the gallery. The workshop was inspired by the tessellating shapes (that is shapes that fit together in patterns with no gaps) that can be seen in the printed fabrics and quilting in the gallery’s collection. We used squares as a starting point and modified them to create our own irregular tessellating shapes. Easier than it sounds! The results were successful and satisfying and it was lots of fun!

Over the next few weeks the groups will use their fabrics and other printing/embellishing techniques to make their own unique shopping bags.

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Painting Taken Into Hospital

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My portrait of Peter Mount CBE, the Chairman of Central Manchester Universities Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been installed in Manchester Royal Infirmary for the world to see! It is a painting that shows Peter standing among the pillars at the entrance to the Children’s Hospital, surveying the new hospital complex that  he has overseen the building of. His glasses contain a reflection of the old hospital buildings. He is a lovely man and was a pleasure to meet and paint.

You can read about Culture Shots, the week long event that saw Manchester’s cultural institutions in residence in the Central Manchester Hospitals, that led to this portrait here.

Chair's Portrait LR[1]

Chair's Portrait in situ LR[1]

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